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Yoga can amp up your sex life and give you the stamina you crave. You can work your pelvic floor muscles by zeroing in on your mula bandha (root lock), kandharasana (bridge pose), and the supta baddha konasana (reclining bound angle pose). Wash away fatigue and rejuvenate your body by practising poses like the balasana (child’s pose) and padmasana (lotus pose).

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Yoga for men – say what?! While more and more men are beginning to practice yoga in the West, many men still see yoga as “glorified stretching” with no strength or cardio involved. These guys are hesitant to walk into a yoga room because they either feel they won’t benefit from it, or they don’t really understand what yoga is all about.

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Erectile dysfunction is a term used to describe the inability of a man to develop an erection that is firm enough for satisfactory sexual intercourse. ED can be caused by two groups of factors: psychological and physiological. The former includes stress, bad experiences or associations, relationship problems, etc. Physiological reasons are a lot more varied, as there are many systems involved in developing and maintaining an erection.

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Challenge your strength, flexibility, mobility, and control with this intermediate-advanced vinyasa yoga flow class. You can find more classes from this online vinyasa yoga video program here:…

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As a yoga teacher, I get asked a lot of questions from students. Here are some of the most commonly asked questions I get from students:

1.Why do we roll to the right after savasana at the end of class and some times roll to the left ? Is there some significance to this?
Traditionally in yoga you roll to the right during the day to honor the sun and roll to the left in the evening to honor the moon.

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Practising yoga gets your joints (especially the hips!) moving in a way that will prevent injury and help condition your muscles. This helps them to become more sensitive to insulin which is important for controlling blood sugar levels, according to a post by Harvard Health Publications. The study also suggests that yoga can lower the risk of heart disease as much as brisk walking.

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Sometime in yoga’s recent history, a gender shift occurred. Yoga, which traditionally had been practiced only by men, began to be dominated by women. Today, an average yoga class will have more female than male students. In the United States, your yoga teacher is also more likely to be female, although there are a great number of prominent male teachers, including the founders of some of yoga’s most popular contemporary styles.

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Here is a Yoga routine with the perfect balance of strength moves & flexibility poses get the best out of both worlds! We will be working on improving our shoulder and core stability as well as stretching our hamstrings, shoulders, hip flexors, quads, hips and basically our entire body. This routine can be done first time in the morning to energize your day or mid-afternoon as well!

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A vast majority of adult men experience problems with their erections. The older you get, the higher the risk of having trouble achieving or retaining an erection. According to some estimates, 52% of adult men face erection-related problems. At the age of 40, about 40% American men report erection difficulties, but it is estimated the rate could be higher because a vast majority of the male population doesn’t like to discuss this subject with anyone including doctors.

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Deadlines, meetings, bills—no matter how big or small, life is replete with stressors. Countless studies reveal a correlation between high stress levels and poor health, particularly strain on the heart. Many people turn to yoga to decompress and achieve mental clarity, but are all the awkward motions and painful poses really making a difference? Yoga expert, instructor and author Tara Stiles of Strala Yoga Studio spoke to us about how and why yoga relieves stress, and shared with us tips to achieving a healthy body and mind through yoga. 

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Total Body Yoga is a deep stretch practice for the legs, back and hips. This session invites you on the mat to go deeper. This 45 min yoga practice is great for the lower back and the HIPS! Lean in, breathe deep, stretch it out and connect to something big.

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Hate yoga? Well, there’s a pretty good reason why you might want to give it a shot: yoga can actually improve your sex life, according to health experts.

“Because yoga helps people develop a sense of calmness, strength, stamina, agility, knowledge of their own bodies, and the ability to remain in the present moment, and make small adjustments, it can greatly enhance sexual performance and confidence, regardless of which asana (poses) are practice,” says sex therapist Gracie Landes, LMFT, CST.