Despite common woo knowledge, crystals hold some serious power and have been used to charge modern technology for centuries. There is a clear quartz crystal that powers the computer or phone that you’re reading this on, so just think about what it can do for your space and meditation practice! “Selenite, clear quartz, and amethyst are my favorite crystals to use during meditation,” says Energy Muse cofounder and author of the upcoming book CRYSTAL365, Heather Askionosie.


Music For Healing: “Male Energy” Meditation Music

Source: Music for body and spirit

There are barely any masculine meditations to choose from.. We are glad at Healthy Men, we found this.  Air, wind and fire are masculine elements. Combined with the right harmonies create an ideal environment in which meditate.  Enjoy this 3 hrs of bliss.


Cory Allen, author of a new book on modern mindfulness, makes the pitch to teens directlyPersonal challenges show up early in our lives, much sooner than we often expect them to. When we hit our teen years, and our hormones kick into full gear, so do our feelings of angst. I remember being a teenage boy and feeling almost paralyzed by anxiousness; like I was incompatible with the rest of humanity.